Get fast, accurate performance data for your Internet connection: the free Speedtest especially for local Internet providers

Do you want to know if your Internet provider is really providing you with the bandwidth you are paying for? Or is there a connection problem that needs closer investigation? Or are you more interested in "perceived speed", i.e., how long a web search takes, more than just the pure download/upload numbers (which we of course also display). We, two students, have developed a fast, simple and free solution specifically for the UK.

hero speed

Our Speedtest is 100% free - and our users are thrilled


First, click on the "Download and Start Speedtest" button. The first measurement is carried out immediately after starting. All measurements are saved so that you can always access them if you ever want to refer back to them (e.g., to describe a problem to your provider).

Just a few seconds later you will receive the results of your measurement. You will receive basic metrics such as download and upload speed as well as ping times and further information.


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